Standoffs, Spacers, Captive, Swage, Male/ Female, Handles, Thumb Screws, Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Male/Male Standoffs, Cable Ties, Plastic Circuit Board Supports, Plastic Handles and Electronic Hardware. Electronic Hardware, Electronic Hardware, Handles, Standoffs and Spacers, Self Clinching Fasteners

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Terms and Conditions


MINIMUM ORDER: $25.00 (excluding shipping charges) per line item IN-STOCK ONLY

MINIMUM ORDER: ($25.00 if In-Stock) ($100.00 if Not In-Stock) (excluding shipping charges) per line item for: Standoffs, Spacers, Swage Standoffs, Male to Female Standoffs, Jack Screws, Male to Male Standoffs and Insulating Washers.

MINIMUM ORDER: ($25.00 if In-Stock) ($100.00 if Not In-Stock) (excluding shipping charges) per line item for: Captive Panel Hardware, Thumb Screws and Shoulder Screws.

MINIMUM ORDER: ($25.00 if In-Stock) ($100.00 if Not In-Stock) (excluding shipping charges) per line item for: Fixed Handles.

MINIMUM ORDER: ($25.00 if In-Stock) ($350.00 If Not In-Stock) (excluding shipping charges) per line item for: Folding Handles.

MINIMUM ORDER: $25.00 (excluding shipping charges) per line item for: Cable Ties, Cable Tie Combo- Packs, Adhesive Back Cable Ties, Mounting Bases, Installation Tools, Flexible Tubing.


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Written errors or typos are subject to correction by UNICORP after notifying the customer. Confirmation of telephone quotes will be faxed or e-mail forwarded upon request.

To establish an open account, please supply us with your Bank (name and address) and 3 current trade references.

1% 10 days, Net 30 days.
Does NOT apply to credit card transactions

- Blanket purchase orders
- Custom hardware stocking programs
- Contract pricing
- Custom packaging: bagging
- Customer part number referencing
- Maintain multiple shipping addresses per account
- Certificate of Compliance (COC's), lot traceable
- Material Test Reports (MTR's), lot traceable
- Same day shipping, expedited shipping
- Pre-Paid shipping on volume orders
- Shipping collect
UNICORP will accept scheduled shipments within a one year period. If the scheduled shipment needs to be extended after the one year period, we must be contacted 30 days prior to last shipment. Prices after the one year period may be subject to a price increase.

UNICORPís responsibility ends with customer inspection & the acceptance of the shipment, or 10 days after customer receives the shipment.

Freight On Board- Orange, New Jersey, USA (Unicorp Plant)

Drop shipments will be made if we are notified in advance at no additional charge.

UNICORP reserves the right to revise the specs and tolerances on all Unicorp cataloged parts without prior notice provided the revisions do not affect the customer application or the function of the parts.

Any items returned will be subject to a restocking charge determined by UNICORP. Customer will be responsible to make payment on any custom or modified parts in progress or complete at the time of notification of cancellation.
We will not accept returns without prior notice and approval from UNICORP. All requests for returns must be in writing, listing customer purchase order number, UNICORP part number, quantity, and reason for return. All returns will be subject to incoming inspection and acceptance, and must be shipped prepaid. A UNICORP Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must accompany all returns.

UNICORP will warrant products that are manufactured to its drawings and specs at the time of sale. UNICORP shall not warrant the installation or use of its product in customers application. UNICORP liability shall be limited to the cost of parts. UNICORP does not accept consequential damages.

Parts manufactured to customer specifications or requiring modifications cannot be returned or cancelled after they are manufactured.

UNICORP will not be liable for failure if its obligation to manufacture under this agreement if it is caused by or limited to flood, fire, war, strikes, accident, riot, insurrection, acts of God, orders of governmental agencies, or failure, or delay of transportation. If any such contingency occurs, UNICORP may distribute production and deliveries among its customers as UNICORP sees fit. The rights and obligations of all parties hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of New Jersey.

All disputes shall be adjudicated in the state of New Jersey. These Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over all others. A purchase order will accept these terms. In the event that the customer defaults in the agreement of these terms and condition of sale, customer shall be liable to UNICORP for all losses, costs and expenses incurred by UNICORP by reason of the default including, without limitation, UNICORPís attorney, court and collection fees, whether or not suit or action is initiated.



Phone:  973-674-1700        Toll Free:  1-800-526-1389        Fax:  973-674-3803


UNICORP is a leader in manufacturing stock and custom
electronic hardware, handles and precision fasteners used by leading companies
in nearly every industry since 1971.

291 Cleveland St,  Orange,  New Jersey  07050  USA
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 280,  Orange,  New Jersey  07051-0280  USA

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 Electronic Hardware, STANDOFFS, Male Female Standoffs, Spacer Standoffs, Male Male Standoffs, Swage Standoffs, Jack Screws, Handles, Captive Panel Screws, Retainers, Thumb Screws, Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Cable Ties.