Standoffs, Spacers, Captive, Swage, Male/ Female, Handles, Thumb Screws, Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Male/Male Standoffs, Cable Ties, Plastic Circuit Board Supports, Plastic Handles and Electronic Hardware. Electronic Hardware, Electronic Hardware, Handles, Standoffs and Spacers, Self Clinching Fasteners

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A quick summary of the entire Unicorp product line
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                   Standoffs and Spacers-  Threaded & Unthreaded 
             Swage Standoffs-  Rivet Type, Threaded & Unthreaded
                                             Swage Tooling: Punch & Anvil
             Male- Female Standoffs-  External & Internal Threads
             Jackscrews-  External & Internal Threads
             Male- Male Standoffs-  External Threads
             Captive Panel Hardware-  Screws, Retainers, Decorative Panel
                                                          Washers, Retainer Washers & Springs
             Insulating Washers-  Shoulder & Flat
             Thumb Screws-  Knurl, Shoulder, Plain, Push
             Thumb Nuts-  Round With Knurl, Hex, No Knurl
             Handles-  Fixed & Folding, Rack & Panel & Decorative Ferrules
             Shoulder Screws-  Slotted & Broached
             Dowel Pins-  Press-Fi, Slip-Fit, Interference-Fit
             Self-Clinching Fasteners-  Self-Clinching Nuts, Standoffs, Studs & Pins
             NAS MS NASM AN-  Military Hardware & Fasteners
             Cable Ties-  Tie Wraps, Zip Ties, ID / Releasable / Beaded Ties, Combo-Packs,
                     Mounted- Hole Ties, Mounting Bases, Tensioning Tools, Flexible Tubing
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UNICORP is a leader in manufacturing stock and custom
electronic hardware, handles and precision fasteners used by leading companies
in nearly every industry since 1971.

291 Cleveland St,  Orange,  New Jersey  07050  USA
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 280,  Orange,  New Jersey  07051-0280  USA

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 Electronic Hardware, STANDOFFS, Male Female Standoffs, Spacer Standoffs, Male Male Standoffs, Swage Standoffs, Jack Screws, Handles, Captive Panel Screws, Retainers, Thumb Screws, Shoulder Screws, Insulating Washers, Cable Ties.