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Installation of Metric Captive Panel Retainers
Metric Captive Panel Hardware       Metric e-Catalog      Build Part Number
Installation for Series: M40R

To Install UNICORP knurled shank retainers, select the hole diameter
corresponding to the shank diameter from the chart below.

Drill or punch hole holding a tolerance of + 0.05 / - 0.00 , then simply press
the retainer into the panel as illustrated.
This chart applies to knurled shank retainers only.
Shank Diameter 4.2 5 5.8 9.3
Panel Hole Diameter 4.0 4.8 5.1 9
Installation for Series:  M41R,  M42R,  M43R,  M44R,  M45R,  M46R
Determine panel hole diameter by referring to the
chart below. The recommended hole diameter is
either drilled or punched in and countersunk. 
Care should be taken to hold the recommended tolerances.
  Press retainer into prepared hole and swage
 the edge to conform to the hole chamfer by means of an arbor press or by using a rolling tool mounted in a rotating arbor. (Drill Press)

These parts all mount into the panel in the same manner.


Shank Diameter 4 6.3 11 11.5
Panel Hole Diameter 4.1 6.4 11.1 11.7
For Modified Parts or Engineering Assistance: Unicorp offers your firm engineering and design
services for customized or modified parts at no additional charge.
Please call our Engineering Department.

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